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Joshua Baptist Church is an assembly of faith, united by a love for God and a compassion for people. We endeavor to rightly divide the Scriptures and to be firmly established upon the truth of God’s Word. Through sacrifice and resolve, we seek to be used for the purpose of spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ unto the uttermost part of the earth. We emphasize the need for personal growth, having a clear and effective witness, and faithful stewardship of God’s resources. We maintain that God has established the home and that in conjunction with His church, the people of God are to lead the next generation to walk in the ways of the Lord. With faith we anticipate the power of God’s Holy Spirit to embolden and empower us to serve that we may bring glory to God! 

When We Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am Sunday School
and 11:00 am Worship Service

Sunday Evenings

6:00 pm Prayer Rooms
and 6:30 pm Worship Service

Wednesday Evenings

7:00 pm Worship Service

What To Expect

The service lasts about an hour and twenty minutes. Someone will typically open the service with prayer, and a the congregation will sing a few traditional hymns.  Between the songs, someone will make a couple short announcements. There will be a time of offering where our instrumentalists will play and pass an offering plate around. A special song sung as a solo or a group will be performed right before the preacher gets up to share a sermon.  At the end, the service concludes with an altar call and a time of prayer. Many people stay after the services are over to fellowship with others that attend. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our church members as well as our pastors and church leadership!

Starting Together  with the Newcomers Class

Teachers:  Bro. Adam and Mrs. Mary Burney

It can be very intimidating to enter a church where you don't already know someone. This class serves to remedy this problem. The class rarely has more than ten people in it. This is done so that we can cultivate a more personal environment where you can get to know new visitors and long term members.

The goal of the Newcomers Class is not to teach in depth doctrines of the Bible, but rather to formally acquaint a new visitor or member to the general beliefs and practices of our church. Doctrinal questions are often answered as we try to familiarize you with our church.
Oftentimes, when someone begins to visit a church, it is difficult for the church to get to know their needs. This class gives us an opportunity to learn how to best serve you through prayer and encouragement.

Our church was created to welcome everyone. It exists to reach the lost with the gospel and to help the Christian as we labor for His Kingdom. We hope that you will take a few weeks and be a part of our Newcomers class so that you an learn our heart in our desire to serve you.
Class every week at 10:00 am in room 108.

Plan your visit to Joshua Baptist Church!

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